Acara DAO


ACR is Acara's ecosystem governance token, with a total supply of 117,000,000,000. The number of tokens is taken from the Population Reference Bureau ( a non-profit organization that specializes in population statistics. The earth's population as of today accounts for about 7% of the total number of people that have lived on earth since the birth of mankind. The total number of people born on the earth is roughly 117 billion. Acara's Values: the 7.8 billion humans that live on earth today have come a long way, we are the cultivation of hundreds if not thousands of civilizations since the first man to ever inhabit the earth. The total number of ACR tokens is an attribute as a show of gratitude to the ancestors of mankind. The distribution ratio of the token is as follows:

1.Founding Team: 5%

After the two-year lock-in period, the linear vest will be completed within three years.

2.Development Fund: 15%

Used for Acara's ecosystem expansion.

3.Venture Capital: 18%

The lock-in period is one year, and the linear vest is completed within two years.

4.Airdrop Fund: 12%

For POC holders and community airdrop rewards.

5.Community Mining: 60%

The POA mining mechanism is adopted in Acara, and betting in participating in information governance is mining. POC holders consume a certain amount of ACR to initiate an event to create a mining pool, and other participants predict and bet for mining. ACR will be awarded according to their respective equity ratios.
In information governance, POC holders initiate events and create mining pools;for each additional 10,000 events, the mining capacity will be reduced by 20%. POC holders with different levels have different mining pool-creating capabilities.Social, Gamefi, and Public Welfare all use POA mining mechanism.

Deflationary Mechanism

In Acara, we designed a relatively reasonable deflation mechanism. When the total deflationary figure of ACRs coincides with the total human population figure, the deflation mechanism of ACR will be terminated. In information governance, the deflationary model of ACR is: when POC holders consume ACR to initiate an event, 50% of the tokens will be burned, and the remaining 50% of the tokens will automatically flow into the Acara information governance pool.