Acara DAO

POC Equity Model

POC (Proof of Conesus) is the core component of Acara's DAO, and users become members of Acara's DAO by obtaining POC status. The user value is transformed and reshaped from normal user participant to collaborator and creator, and all behavioral activities in Acara become not only working for themselves but also contributing to the whole Acara DAO again. The total official issue is 10,000 pieces.

1.The distribution ratio of POC is as follows

A-level POC accounts for 10%, 1,000 pieces;
B-level POC accounts for 30%, 3000 pieces;
C-level POC accounts for 60%, 6000 pieces.
In Acara's ecosystem, the scarcity of POC determines the proportion of equity.

2.Acquiring POC

In the testnet stage, the DAO members will be solicited from all over the world in the form of public welfare funding, and POCs of various levels will be randomly generated in the form of blind boxes. One person can hold multiple POCs.

3.POC Equity

Holders can get 1 million ACR tokens by airdrop (locked for 6 months and vested linearly in 10 months, that is, 100,000 ACR every month after 6 months)
In Acara's decentralized information governance, POC holders can initiate events, and those holding multiple POCs can initiate multiple events at the same time. At the end of the event, a certain percentage of the total amount of the event staked can be rewarded in USDC. The higher the level of a POC holder, the greater the rewards get. Users participating in events initiated by holders of a higher-level POC will mine more.
In Acara’s social sector, the videos, music, texts, and photos uploaded by high-level POC holders can get more traffic and a higher percentage of rewards.