Acara DAO

Acara’s Vision

Acara's decentralized social network will launch a social metaverse that is parallel to reality. Through virtual avatars and interest graphs, community members can engage in a variety of immersive social scenarios, communicate and interact in a near-real shared experience, and finally find like-minded peers and establish social connections.
In Acara, all community members participate in the process of information governance, and through information output, interaction and dissemination, they evolve into a self-centered social meta-universe, and these social circles will eventually form a valuable social information network due to the interactive integration of information content. Some of the community members can become the creators of the community through long-term and stable value output, and rely on Acara's economic system to maximize the rewards they deserve, thus forming a virtuous cycle of creators' economy and making Acara a truly decentralized information social platform.