Acara DAO

Acara’s Soul System

Acara Soul Token

The Acara Soul Token is the sum of the content and social relationships created by the public in the process of Acara's ecological trust governance. It is non-transferable; and here is the acquisition process: Participating in Information Governance/Social/Gamefi/Public Welfare, etc. With the continuous improvement of the Acara ecosystem, more rights and interests will be given to the soul token holders. Such as airdrop, minting NFTs, voting, etc.

Acara Soul System

Acara aims to establish an ideal DeSoc. In order to allow DAO compatibility, and cross-chain compatibility with multi-party soul tokens, both real and non-real interactions can be performed through Acara. Including other on-chain soul token holders can build their own social metaverse through the Acara ecosystem to expand their influence in the community.