Acara DAO

About Social

While the public helps Acara build a community, it will naturally form its own social meta-universe, and Acara adopts blockchain technology to visualize the social graph. Data sovereignty belongs to individuals and relies on Acara's economic system to make users of the platform gain maximum benefits in a more reasonable and fair way.
The public can read and write for free on Acara, collect writing works and subscribe to their favorite authors, create popular content and contribute to the ecosystem to earn ACR tokens. For community members with creative ability, we have a corresponding economic system for creators, which will maximize the originality of creators' works and make the creators get the generous rewards they deserve. The results of the investment and research reports will be open-source for all community members.
The public can initiate a small range of events within their own social metaverse. Without leaving the Acara ecosystem, they can use the platform pass ACR for corresponding rewards and incentives to promote the participation of their own events, and at the same time, they can also participate in the discussion of another event to gain revenue.
Based on LBS technology, influential community members can initiate some instant topics and information at any time in their own regions, and this board will make Acara ecology in the global hot events and valuable source information in a crucial position, in which these important issues and information, with the corresponding community members' continuous attention and participation, will generate very valuable information flow, and these information flow will feedback and return to all participants and builders of Acara Ecology.